Let Young People Manage Your Social Media

Are you a business or company that is looking to engage and interact in the growing world of social media? if so, you have probably thought of your strategy. But, who have you chosen to look after the campaign?

The social networking landscape is complex and deep. Many people get lost in the variety and functionality that it offers and other believe that Facebook and Twitter are the only obvious players necessary to be concerned about. The fact is, the complexity and the possibility of failure is so great that investing huge amounts of money into these campaigns is almost mandatory. You therefore need a seasoned professional of the company to run it all – right? Wrong.

I have heard it said that a young, fresh person is not the right type to take on the responsibility of such an onerous task as looking after the social media requirements of a company. But, think again. For instance, who are the people that engage in social media most of the time? The young. Who are the people that develop platforms, modify the interactive process and demand new and improved applications? The young.

Most people below the age of 25 will have been brought up, from a young age, using social media. It is a part of their history., They never had to learn “how” they just “did.” If you couple that with the fact that programming and other IT manipulations are naturally second nature to this age group, then you can put forward no better argument for allowing them group to lead and advise on social networks for companies.



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